HSH - Floating Grounds

The "Floating Grounds" project is aimed at filling the gaps in the homogenous urban landscape, created

during Berlin's years of rapid industrial expansion towards the end of 19th century. The "gap" is not a

building-site, it is a historical reference, originally designed to connect backyards to the street (for

fire-fighter access). On average, it is 3-5 meters wide, and appears regularly in different city-areas.

Each floating ground module closes the existing development-line on the street but leaves the ground-

floor open. Thus, pedestrians, cars, light and sound can pass beneath the slabs, allowing the inhabitants

to benefit from good views and insulating conditions. Nevertheless the position connects the occupants

visually to the urban context and provides them with direct communication to their surroundings. The

backyard is alos still accessible. The static is independent from the neighboring houses. The plot of

land is very inexpensive - as it is a suspended building over a pathway and doesn't directly affect the

ground below it, this gives us the chance to produce inexpensive city-apartments.

The minimalist apartments are characterized by a single functional wall and the connected open space

around it. Subdivision of the open space is achieved through movable partitions/screens with varying

degrees of permeability. The open floor plan's atmosphere will be influenced by architectonical objects,

strong differentiation of wall material and a light ceiling, which not only illuminates the deep housing

unit, but also creates illusions, animations or interactions according to the atmosphere desired. By moving

the space dividers inside the house, the occupant can mix, separate and overlay microambiences

affecting the inside and outside impression.

visual / ART+COM

Fotos: Bruno Thomaz

floating grounds

Case Study House 5

floating grounds


6th Sao Paulo Biennial 2005

Architektur Biennale Venedig 2006

Ideenforum des Phaeno 2006

Kölner KAP Forum 2007

floating grounds

floating grounds

floating grounds

floating grounds