HSH - House im Grunewald (new building) Berlin

Brief: new house-villa

Location: Höhmannstraße, Grunewald, Berlin

GFA: 475m²

Client: privat

Timeframe: 2005 - 2006

Photography: Arwed Messmer


In the cluttered woodland of the Berlin Grunewald, HSH Hoyer Schindele Hirschmueller have produced

a freestanding house of that is both striking and comfortable in its context. The hope of the client was

to have a largely private house, with a very open ground plan inside but which would compliment a

series of flexible, more public spaces outside. The sculptural design of this building expresses the

opposition of the two: The form of the building looks almost cubist, as a multitude of clean but twisted

surfaces run-into and overlap eachother forming the outer skin, before diving into the interior of the home.

Inside, the layout of the rooms is determined by the movement of the sun and the daily routines of the

inhabitants. The biggest openings, in the living room, lie to the north where as to the neighbouring

lane-way, we are presented only with small, select opening, carefully positioned to catch the moring sun

but to keep out most of the summer heat.

The design aestheics center around a principal of joining precise vertical and horizontal slabs using a

pipe-like "bending". This process very sculpturaly joins all the surfaces together almost as one entity,

whilst still articulating each vertical or horizontal element.